TFT Betting Sites

TFT Betting is probably the next big thing when it comes to betting on eSports. There is more or less none Betting on TeamFight Tactics yet, but we are certain there will soon be loads. You will find the eSports Betting Sites that is expected to have or soon to have TFT Betting – below.

TFT Betting has great potential to become an exciting eSport to bet on, mainly because there could be loads of things to bet on – for example: Who wins, what players come top 3, who plays what comp, who gets the first tier 3 champ, etc. And on top of that, this is an eSport that is really fun to watch even though its a pretty slow eSport.

The game and eSport

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy based game which is much like chess. There are eight players in a match of Teamfight Tactics. Each player place their own units and controls their own side/Chess board. The board is where you fight the other seven players in teamfight Tactics.

At the very beginning of each match, everyone in the match will start on the same chess board and in control of their own chess board. There will be a “Carousel”/rotating pool of champions centre of the map, where each player choose what champion to begin with.

TFT has attracted players like Amaz TFT, TidesOfTime TFT, Scarra TFT, Reckful TFT, Trick2G TFT, TheOddOne TFT, Hafu TFT, Forsen TFT, Spa4zie TFT, Yassou TFT and many more eSports celebs, this is just to name a few. We believe there will be loads of players from games like Hearthstone and Magic, who will switch to this game.

Riot is pushing for this game and the changes made in every patch shows that they both care about the game, and that they listen to the viewers and gamers.