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Betsson eSports

Betsson e-sport Review

Betsson is located in Malta and was founded 2001. Easy overview is extremely important for every betting site, and Betsson has managed to create a structured and easy-to-navigate site which we love.
Their main focus does not seem to be eSports, but they are truly getting there!


Betsson e-sport conclusion

Betsson as a whole is truly amazing. They got it all – great design, they are trustworthy, good odds fast withrawals etc etc.

The only negative thing we find about Betsson is the lack of different eSports to bet on. The ammount of different bets etc is though. You can find CS:GO betting, League of Legends betting, Dota 2 betting, Overwatch betting, Call of Duty betting, Starcraft 2 betting.


A solid and smooth betting site where you are safe and secure.


This review is based on our own experience with Betsson. You have to be 18+ to gamble or register on Betsson. Betsson encourages safe and responsible gambling, terms and conditions apply. The promotions we show you can change and differ from different countries, so to make sure it is still viable in your country and not outdated – check it out!