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50% UP TO 1000$ Signup Bonus
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BetOnline Review

BetOnline has loads of different eSports Betting in USA, but newly started with strong eSports betting as well. There are a huge ammount of bets for League of Legends Betting USA, CS:GO Betting USA, Overwatch Betting USA, Hearthstone Betting USA, SC2 Betting USA, Rocket League Betting USA, Ranbow Six Betting USA and much more.

When it comes to eSports, this is one of the strongest sites that cover the eSports scene and has betting for players in United States.


BetOnline conclusion

A very smooth site with good range of eSports betting, perfect for eSports Betting in USA. If you like a lot of different eSports, combined with other sports as well, BetOnline is clearly one of the best choices. They are growing fast and according to our check-up they are trustworthy as well.

This bonus is insane, 50% up to 1000$. One of the highest ammounts we´ve found when it comes to eSports betting bonuses.


.This review is based on our own experience with BetOnline. You have to be 18+(or older in some countries) years old gamble register on BetOnline. BetOnline encourages safe and responsible gambling, terms and conditions apply. The promotions we show you can change and differ from different countries, so to make sure it is still viable in your country and not outdated – check it out!