Overwatch Betting

Overwatch betting is growing in a fast pace, just as Overwatch as an eSport. You can find OW Betting at most eSports Bookers. When it Comes to Overwatch betting, there are loads of different ways to bet on it. 

Since Overwatch was released in 2016, It is no wonder that Overwatch is extremely talked about in the esport scene. The reason for this is that Blizzard very early announced that they were going to do some extremely serious investment in professional esport. But this time, not like every other eSport had done this far. Blizzard is trying to take eSports to the next step, with the help of Overwatch. Showing they wanna steer the eSports industry to the next level with influences from traditional sports.

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The game and eSport

Blizzard´s Overwatch, described as a “hero shooter”. Overwatch is a team-oriented game where two teams of six, with each player selecting from a roster of 31 characters/heroes, each hero has a unique style of play whose roles are divided into categories that fit their role – Support, tank, offence and defence.

The best Overwatch teams are at the moment: London Spitfire, New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion, Los Angeles Valiant, Boston Uprising and more. The Overwatch eSports scene is very much “open” compared to other eSports.

Some of the strongest Overwatch players: SoOn, Snillo, Gesture, Profit, Closer, Fragi, Boombox, ShaDowBurn and Taimou. 

We are sure of one thing: Overwatch as an eSport will grow more and more every year. Blizzard´s new way of thinking about the eSports scene is in our opinion brilliant. To us, Blizzard is trying to get eSports to finally get recognized as a real sport which will be needed to take eSports to a even higher level. 

Overwatch betting

The Future of Overwatch and Overwatch League Betting/Overwatch Contenders Betting

We think this is just the beginning of a huge franchise, the Overwatch Franchise. What Blizzard did was announcing Overwatch 2 which clearly shows that they are in it for the long run. Blizzards idea is hopefully to make Overwatch their big franchise and even make more games around it, to make it grow overall. This would not only get more attention, it would also lure new players from other games to OW. New and more players is what Overwatch needs at the moment. 

Overwatch Betting is our number one choice of eSports Betting. But from time to time there is a lack of Betting opportunities within the Overwatch eSports Betting scene. Overwatch contenders Betting has the lowest range of eSports betting choices when it comes to Overwatch. Overwatch League Betting is getting stronger and stronger. With that being said: Overwatch Betting and the range of different Overwatch bets would also increase if the scene itselfs grows stronger and bigger. Just to take an example: League of Legends betting started extremely slow and are now one of the biggest and most popular choic from eSports bookers point of view. 

The future of Overwatch as an eSports and as a casual game looks very bright. There will always be people saying that Overwatch is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. Blizzard and the Overwatch League is making deals with teams, sponsors and players that most games can only dream of, even if they are much bigger as a game. Within 2 years or so Overwatch will surpass most eSports, as long as the franchise grows and is taken care of.  Atleast that is what we think and hope. 


To sum it up, Overwatch betting is very fun and it is growing (most sites has Overwatch bet). But remember, always play with money you can afford to loose.