OWL: Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League (OWL), season 2019, stage 3. Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty betting prediction.

Will Chengdu Hunters be able to get their third win of the season, or is this another comfortable win for Seoul Dynasty?

OWL Betting

Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty betting tips and prediction: 

We believe that Chengdu Hunters will upset and take the win vs Seoul Dynasty. But we do not think it will be easy. Seoul Dynasty has far better stats overall, and are probably overall the strongest team. But it seems for now like Chengdu Hunters is really at the top of their game – and hopefully they can continue the momentum.

As for now regarding Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty betting predictions, we believe Cheundu Hunters is without a doubt the best bet – thanks to good both odds on Chendu´s side. Also the fact that they won some hard matches lately, they are a team to be reckoned with.

Basics of the teams:

Last 3 matches played, Seoul Dynasty:

Seoul Dynasty vs San Francisco Shock: 0-4

Seoul Dynasty vs Hangzhou Spark: 2-3

Seoul Dynasty vs Paris Eternal: 3-1

Last 3 matches played, Chengdu Hunters:

Chengdu Hunters vs Vancouver Titans: 1-3

Chengdu Hunters vs Dallas Fuel: 4-0

Chengdu Hunters vs San Francisco Shock: 3-2


Seoul Dynasty Roster: Fits, Zunba, Tobi, Highly, Michelle, Marve1, Illicit, Munchkin, Ryujehong, Jecse, Fleta

Chengdu Hunters Roster: Yveltal, Elsa, Garry, Baconjack, Kyo, Ameng, Lateyoung, Jiqiren, YangXiaoLong, JinMu

Match Details Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters:

This match are played with four-map sets, the teams play four separate games on different maps. The maps in this match being Oasis, Horizon Lunar Colony, Eichenwalde and Dorado.

  • Winning a map earns a team one match point.
  • After all four maps are completed, the team with the most match points is declared the winner.
  • If both teams end up on the same number of match points, a fifth and final map is played. The winner of the tiebreaker is the winner.