League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics

Riot´s take on Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics (TFT), is truly a phenomenon and we think TeamFight Tactics Betting will be the next big eSports betting game. The ammount of gamers trying this Riots new take on Auto Chess is going through the roof, and so far the game are only in Beta phase.

Teamfight tactics betting

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy based game which is very much like chess. There are eight players in a match of Teamfight Tactics. Each player place their own units and controls their own side/Chess board. The board is where you fight the other seven players in teamfight Tactics.

At the very beginning of each match, everyone in the match will start on the same chess board and in control of their own chess board. There will be a “Carousel”/rotating pool of champions centre of the map, where each player choose what champion to begin with.

After the Carousel you’ll be teleported onto your own chess board, where you’ll have two “Creeps” waiting for you. On the bench of your chess board you will have to choose what champions to use the coming round. All fighting and brawling agains the opponents takes place automatically. So strategy lies in how you build your team, use items and so on.


We believe one has gotta try it theirselves to really get a hang of this game. This game seems to be a game that the big eSports crowd loves, and this game truly has the chance to make it as an eSport. The only problem we see in this game, is the RNG and that it will be hard to have a pro scene with stability.

We believe Teamfight Tactics will make it both as an eSport and as soon as there are an eSports scene, there will be TFT betting. TeamFight Tactics would open up for some cool betting opportunities like for example: Which player has the most tier 3 champs? What combos will be played? Which of the players make it top 3? The list of viable bets would be long and truly thrilling.

The Teamfight Tactics eSports pro scene will probably (based on how the game looks now) be a huge player pool where a very few people can actually make it as a pro. The Teamfight Tactics rankings and pro rankings will be something really special and hopefully a solid system can help Teamfight Tactics to make it as an eSport.