OWL: Houston Outlaws vs Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League (OWL), season 2019, stage 3. Houston Outlaws vs Florida Mayhem odds and betting.

This match will truly be exciting. Will Houston Outlaws take their statistically speaking already won game, or will Florida Mayhem finally take their 2nd win this season?

Overwatch League

Overwatch League Ingame.

We would not recommend to do a bet agains the Houston Outlaws, BUT do not forget that Florida Mayhem has a really strong team on paper – they definitely have strong players. We believe that at some point it will truly turn around for Florida Mayhem and they will really get going. But for now, we believe that Houston Outlaws is the given choice when it comes to Overwatch betting.

Houston Outlaws is truly on a streak. In OWL stage 2, Houston Outlaws managed to win the game vs San Francisco Shock, in a close match that ended 3-2 in Houston Outlaws favour.


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Houston Outlaws Players: Spree, Muma, Rawkus, Bani, Coolmatt, Boink, Jake, Liknzr, Danteh and Arhan.

“The Outlaws” has a strong lineup, which truly is on fire at the moment.


Florida Mayhem: Fate, BQB, Xepher, Swon, Hagopeun, Kris, Sayaplayer and Byrem.

Florida Mayhem´s Lineup is insanely underrated when looking at the players individually, but as a team they are not yet working out at all. We believe this will change in time – keep your eyes open for this team.


Match Details Houston Outlaws vs Florida Mayhem:

This match are played with four-map sets, the teams play four separate games on different maps. The maps in this match being Ilios, Paris, Hollywood, Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

  • Winning a map earns a team one match point.
  • After all four maps are completed, the team with the most match points is declared the winner.
  • If both teams end up on the same number of match points, a fifth and final map is played. The winner of the tiebreaker is the winner.