DreamHack announces partnership deal with Doritos

DreamHack announces partnership deal with Doritos. The snack brand Doritos is now one of the official partners of Dreamhack Summer.

DreamHack announces partnership deal with Doritos
Credit: Dreamhack

Doritos will not only go in as a partner and sponsorship – you can also visit them in a booth on the Dreamhack Expo on Dreamhack Summer. In the booth you will find the competition called “Are you bold enough to face a pro?”, a place where the visitors of DH Summer can play both against and with pro players from the eSports CS:GO and Fortnite.

“It’s a given for Doritos to be a part of the esports world as we are passionate about tough challenges and gaming. This is a great way for us to connect with our target group who also shares this passion.” 

Said, Emelie Sjöblom, Doritos Brand Manager


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“We are very happy about this new partnership with Doritos and, at the same time, proud to be involved as they enter the Swedish esports world — we are convinced Doritos will fit perfectly into our event and look forward to future collaborations with them.”

said, Marcus Lindmark, DreamHack CEO. 


If you are about to visit, watch the livestreams or read the news about Dreamhack – Make sure to clear your schedule betweet 15-17th of june.

DreamHack as a whole cover leagues and tournaments like CORSAIR DreamLeague, DreamHack Open, Nordic Championship, DreamHack Pro Circuit, CORSAIR DreamHack Masters, EAllsvenskan FIFA League, ESuperLiga FIFA League, DreamHack Mobile Series and DreamHack Fighting Game Championship.

DreamHack covers most of the big eSports. They also focus a bit on smaller ones like FIFA, thanks to the new league that newly got announced in Sweden – The League EAllsvenskan FIFA League is not some random league where random eSports organisations can join, it is the best football clubs creating there own eSports team withing FIFA to battle eachother.