warcraft 3 esports betting
News 09-12-2019

Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting

Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting You will be able to find Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting on most eSports betting sites. This game will be exactly like the old Wc3, but with better graphic and hopefully some cool features. Wc3 is already a pretty normal eSport to bet on, so Wc3 Reforged betting will probably be even […]

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds betting
News 04-12-2019

Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League

Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League Hearthstone Battleground eSports League, will that be Blizzard´s next big thing? HS Battlegrounds is Blizzards take on Riots TFT and DOTA´s Teamfight Tactics. The beta just started and so far it seems to have brought back a huge player base to Hearthstone, which is amazing! The last few years has been […]

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Magic the gathering betting
News 04-12-2019

Magic The Gathering eSports Betting

Magic The Gathering Betting This is definitely one of the most exciting topics and games, Magic The Gathering Betting and eSports. Magic is an old card game, from 1993. This game was huge in the 90´s and is even bigger now, thanks to Magic The Gathering eSports. Not all eSports Bookers cover MTG Betting yet, […]

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league of legends esports betting USA
News 28-11-2019

League of Legends Betting USA

League of Legends Betting USA Sites LoL as an eSport and League of Legends Betting is huge in USA, and it will only get bigger every year. The great thing about this eSport and betting around it is that there are loads of tournaments and leagues during the whole year. You will find bets on […]

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Rokkr vs Guerrillas
News 23-11-2019

CoD League betting prediction, Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØkkr

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØkkr Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØKKR betting sites will be found on this page. This is the Last match of the opening day, and it will truly be an exciting one where we think that Minnesota will come out on the top as winners. Since no teams ever have […]

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cod League betting
News 23-11-2019

CoD League Betting USA

Call of Duty League Betting USA Will one be able to do Call of Duty League Betting USA? Yes, most definitely. This league is already getting more attention than most eSports, and it is still not started. We are certain you will be able to do CoD League Betting on loads of different bet types. […]

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Formula One eSports Betting
News 09-11-2019

Formula One eSports League

Formula One eSports League is according to us, the most exciting investment in the world of racing. If you are good enough at a racing game – you could end up in an official F1 eSports team, competing in the live Formula One Pro Series. This is not only great news for the Racing World, […]

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Super Smash Bros Betting
News 28-07-2019

TFT Pro Teams

Is there yet any TFT pro teams and TFT organizations? We give you the answer!  Hopefully we will see a TFT Pro Team & eSports Team very soon. As we all know, TFT is growing insanely fast and it does not seem to stop yet. The growth means there will be a strong eSports scene […]

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TFT Tournament
News 21-07-2019

TFT Tournaments & Leagues

Is there yet any TFT tournaments and TFT Leagues? We give you the answer! So far, there have more or less only been one or two “legit” tournaments. Twitch Rival hosted the first decent TFT Tournament, with focus on celebrating the new and insanely popular League of Legends TFT. This TeamFight Tactics tournament had a […]

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News 16-07-2019

TFT eSports League

Will there be a TFT eSports League? Will TFT make it as an eSport? How will TFT Rankings work? Will the RNG slow down the success for TFT as an eSport? Riots TeamFight Tactics is still going extremely strong, there is no doubt about that. But the big questions now is the ones listed above. […]

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