eSports betting guide

eSports betting guides and gudies within eSports as a whole. This guide will help both new fans within esports and the veterans. For every day that goes, e-sports are growing more and more. This means sports bookers is showing there interest for it as well. We can find new type of eSports betting pop up more or less daily. 


Is it possible to earn money on eSports bets?

Both yes and no. It is, just like any other thing you can bet on. But we believe that the players that really follow and dedicate themselves to learn more, can deliver on the betting. 

To be able to really earn money on eSports betting, the key is to really stay informed and follow the scene. The great thing about eSports betting as it is today, is that most people and betting sites are not having the best insight when it comes the pro players, teams and leagues. This does not make eSports betting easy at all, but it really can give an edge to the ones that is good informed and keep track on the upcoming and “underdog” teams. Normally the upcoming underdogs has a very high “Return On Investment”.

On our page eSports Betting you can also find info about the games/eSports and what betting sites that provide what eSports. We do recommend that everyone new about eSports betting only play bets they feel comfortable with, and only with money you can afford to loose – it is supposed to bring joy and nothing else. 

New players is recommended to start with betting on League of Legends, CS:GO or Overwatch, mainly because this is the three eSports that is most easy to follow and check past statistics on – according to us. 

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You can find the betting sites recommended to start with on the right side of this page. We will keep updating this Guide as much as possible, so make sure to check it out from time to time. You will find a new eSports betting guide here shortly.