Formula One eSports:

Formula One eSports edition and Formula One eSports Betting is the next big thing to look out for, in the eSports World. Formula 1 eSports Series will strike like thunder the coming years. So far it has been a pretty low start (compared to other eSports). The series was created 2017. It is still extremely early for this type of eSport – so it will take some time before it roots, but we will definitely hear more about it!

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Formula 1 eSports Series teams:

Red Bull F1 eSports, Ferrari eSports, Renault eSports, Sportpesa Racing Point, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes eSports, Williams, Mclarenand Haas. These brands is involvement in eSports is just amazing. Just that these brands are involved shows that this has a great future.

We believe we will get more and more teams joining this league every year.


F1 eSports Betting:

That this will bring a lot of viewers as a eSport is obvious according to us – but will it also be a esport that is exciting to bet on? We are certain it will.

Formula one eSports betting is probably just as exciting and awesome as the real Formula one betting, if not more exciting. At the eSports side there will be even more competititve teams, and easier for new teams to challenge the pros.

This kind of betting will make it less obvious, mainly because this is a game more or less everyone can play, compared to Formula One, where everyone needs to have a fancy car, a crew, etc.


Forumula One as a eSport:

This will definitely succeed, but it might take some time. This is a completely new scene, that most eSports viewers never have heard of. But as long as the money and teams keeps coming, this will continue growing and get more viewers. Lets just hope the Formula One eSports Crew continue to push for it, cause if they do – it will become a great eSport.