FIFA 20 Betting Sites

There are loads of FIFA 20 Betting sites and FIFA 20 eSports bookers around. Just like FIFA 19, this new release from EA is very exciting to both play and to bet on. FIFA 20 betting is much like FIFA 19 Betting, but with the new release it will probably get even more popular to bet on FIFA.

What makes this game exciting to watch is that it is so basic, since most people in the world understand football/soccer, they also understand how FIFA eSports work. This is pretty much unique when it comes to the eSports scene, since most big eSports is developed from something that never existed before.

You will find FIFA betting on most of the sites on this page.


FIFA 20, The Game:

This is a game published by Electronic Arts and is a part of the FIFA series. FIFA 20 was released on 27 September 2019 and are viable for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. On this years regular cover, you will find the Real Madrid player Eden Hazar. 

The game is played on both PC and Console, and are built exactly like soccer/football. The only difference from the traditional sport is that one player control the whole team with a controller. You choose what happens next, should your player pass the ball, take the shot or just run? This is according to us the perfect eSport for the time being thanks to the fact that everyone can understand it and enjoy it.


The Future of FIFA 20 eSports

Just like every FIFA game so far more or less, FIFA 20 will hopefully also be bigger than the last FIFA game – atleast that is what we think. eSports is growing year by year and so far the FIFA games has grown with it, especially in the eSports point of view. More and more pro eSports team is joining the FIFA train with new teams.