eSports Betting USA

The best eSports betting sites USA, will be listed below. There are not yet many big names when it comes to betting sites available in United States. These sites is pretty new sites with cover of eSports betting as well. You will be able to find live betting, Bitcoin betting sites, new eSports betting on games that you probably never seen before and much more.

eSports betting in USA is very new, but the betting sites you can find has really good eSports coverage overall.

Betting on sports is huge in the United States. Sports bettors in Las Vegas wagered $4.8 billion in 2017. Esports is a huge industry, it’s worth more than $224 million annually, only in the United States. eSports is predicted to reach $1.5 billion globally by the year 2020, by different kind of experts.

Our favourites for eSports betting in USA is and You can find a great ammount of betting on eSports like League of Legends betting USA, DOTA 2 betting USA, CS:GO betting USA, Overwatch betting USA, Hearthstone betting USA, Rocket League betting USA, Rainbow 6 Betting USA and more. eSports Betting Review
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Terms and Conditions apply

Is it legal to bet on esports in the United States?

Yes, and no. In some states you can do legal eSports betting at some sites, the thing to check out for is to see if the site matches your criteria about deposits and withrawals.

The laws regarding United States eSports betting is extremely complicated, but still legal in some places. If you are interested in learning more about it and really get a hang of it all, we suggest that you read about: The Interstate Wire Act (IWA), The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASP) and The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

So all in all, You can bet on eSports Legal in some states – make sure to check out if it´s legal in your state before placing bets.