Betting in Asia

The best eSports betting sites in Asia, will be listed on the bottom of this page. There are different sports bookers that are available in Asia, as eSports betting sites in China. Most sites is pretty new sites with strong cover of eSports betting as well. We give you live betting, Bitcoin betting sites, new eSports betting – on games that you probably never seen before and much more.

eSports betting in Asia is pretty new, but the betting sites you can find has really good eSports coverage overall – thanks to the huge interest from the Asian eSports viewers, in games like Starcraft 2, DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Our favourite site for eSports betting in China and other parts of Asia is You can find a great ammount of betting on eSports like League of Legends betting China, DOTA 2 betting China, CS:GO betting China, Overwatch betting China, Hearthstone betting China, Rocket League betting China, Rainbow 6 Betting China, Magic eSports Betting and more.

Is it legal with esports betting in Asia?

When it comes to Online betting in asian, it differs quite much from country to country. For example China is extremely strict to what people can do on the internet. Poker Apps got nationwide banned in June 2018 in China. This clearly shows where China stands on online gambling and wagering. At the moment, the laws is mainly based on local laws from city to city – where it seems like its mostly illegal to place bet from China (atleast on a local level). We recommend that you read deeper about the laws where you live and play from, and always check if it is viable on the site you bet on – since we are not 100% sure its legal in your city or likely. The way Chinese residents circumvent local laws is that they bet at licensed offshore bookmakers.

But in some parts of Asia, eSports betting is legal. Examples on Asian countries where eSports betting is legalized: Korean eSports betting, Hong Kong eSports betting, Macau eSports betting and the Philippines eSports betting.