Betting in India

The best eSports betting sites in India will be listed below. There are som lack of sports bookers when it comes to eSports betting sites India, but we believe this will change. The eSports Betting sites and betting overall in India will probably grow fast, just like in most start up countries. We give you live betting, Bitcoin betting sites, new eSports betting – on games that you probably never seen before and much more.

eSports betting in India is pretty new, but the betting site we give you has really good eSports coverage overall – thanks to the huge interest from the India eSports viewers.

Our favourite site for eSports betting in India is Betway. You can find a great ammount of betting on eSports like League of Legends betting India, DOTA 2 betting India, CS:GO betting India, Overwatch betting India, Hearthstone betting India, Rocket League betting India, Rainbow 6 Betting India, Magic eSports Betting India and more.

Is it legal with esports betting in India?

There is no easy answer on the question if eSports betting is legal in India or not. There is an central law called The Public Gambling Act of 1867, this law prohibits all gambling. But there is nothing in that law that mention anything about playing casino games or betting online.

So Is eSports betting legal in India or not? It depends on where you’re living, as the government has left it up to each state to decide. Some states have fully legalized Gambling, while a few staes decided to make online gambling illegal.

There are also some states that does not mention anything about Online gambling, those states are a grey zone, meaning you can not get in trouble for gambling.