CS:GO Betting

You can find CS:GO eSports betting sites where it is expected to find betting for CS:GO below.

CS:GO is a easy FPS game to understand and thanks to that, it fits perfect for both beginners and veteran eSports viewers. Two teams compete in multiple rounds of objective-based game modes with the goal of winning the most rounds to win the match. 

Betting on Counter Strike is very exciting and you can find loads of different ways to do it. Most of the matches is played Best of Three, which means u can play on all 3 matches, how many rounds a team win, if there is over a set ammount of rounds in a match and much more.

This eSport is one of the biggest eSports there is, which also means more or less every eSports betting site has some kind of betting on it. 

CS:GO – Counter Strike Global Offensive Basics

CS: GO or Counter Strike Global Offensive as it was called when it got released to the in 2012. It is one of the most played video games there is. If you are looking for a classic First Person Shooter game, you truly fint it within CS:GO.

The game is what you call a first person shooter game and is played in multiplayer. The basics are the same as in the classic CS game. You choose between two teams, terrorists and counter terrorists, and you should simply try to win over the opposing team. The terrorists have the task of placing bombs and the counter terrorists must disarm them.

When each round starts, the player buys weapons. You earn money by coping with parts of the game and also when you are in the winning team. Shooting a player in the same team gives a deduction on the money. CS: GO has left much of previous versions of the game.

You can also find some additional game modes besides the bomb scenario, which is mainly for “fun games” and not eSports.


This is according to our opinion one of the best eSports there is, and the reason to it is simple – it´s easy to understand for beginners and still amazing to watch as a veteran. It is a team based game, but it still gives the players a chance to show of as individuals, which is incridible to watch as a viewer and fan. CS:GO eSports betting is very exciting and you can find many different type of bets for it.

If you are new to eSports – start with CS:GO and enjoy.

There is loads of tournaments and games to watch. Most big eSports teams own a CS:GO team. For example: Cloud 9, NIP, Fnatic, NAVI, MIBR, Astralis and many more.