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The best eSports Bet Sites

eSports is growing so fast that even the sportsbooks has a hard time to keep up. You can bet on more or less all the eSports, the problem however, is to find where to bet on which eSport.

Our main goal is to give you the best eSports Betting Sites, on which site to bet on what game and much more.


eSports Betting Bonus

We help you find and claim the best bonuses, from eSportsbookers all over the world. The bonuses will differ from casino to casino, from time to time. It´s dynamic, just like in any other business. We will make sure to keep you updated with the best eSports bonuses for the time being.

Since the eSports scene is growing, we also will make sure to keep up in pace with all the new betting sites, new games to bet on and with updated bonuses.

Most bonuses looks exactly the same for all type of sports betting, eSports betting included. This is definitely in our favour, thanks to the fact that Sports Bookers has built up some strong bonuses to keep the players happy and satisfied – that eSports gamblers can benefit from right from the gecko.

Formula One eSports Betting

Games To Bet On

This is definitely the most interesting part. You can bet on games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Formula 1, Fortnite, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch, Smite, Super Smash Bros and more. These are just the most popular games, and you can even find more games at some of the eSports Bookers.

What we find most exciting when it comes to eSports bet is that there are loads of different types of bets in every eSport. For example when it comes to CS:GO Betting one can bet on who wins which map, what teams that win certain rounds, which maps they are going to play, who gets most kills etc etc. The same thing goes for DOTA 2, here you can bet on what the final score will be, whihch team that wins certain matches etc etc.

The big amount of special bets that is viable withing the eSports betting world is quite amazing and makes the whole betting experience even more exciting and fun. One can more or less always find something  that is fun to bet on.

Overwatch League

Is eSports Betting Legal?

Yes and no. Just like other type of gambling and betting this is legal in some countries, and illegal in some. Same goes when it comes to age requirement on eSports Betting, it depends on what country you live in or which state – but in most countries you got to have an age at 18, 21 or older.

To simplify the answer: We suggest that you check the rules for the specific country you live in, to make sure you do not do something that is illegal in your country.


Earn Money On eSports Betting?

Is it possible to earn money on eSports betting? Yes, it´s just like any other sports betting, but keep in mind – it´s very hard. And in eSports Betting it´s probably even harder, if you dont have extreme knowledge about the game, the teams playing, how they performed etc.

To improve your betting and chances of winning, we recommend to read a lot about the teams playing, how they perform, how the recent stats look like and more. The good thing about this kind of sportsbet is that it is very easy to both find and read statistics about it – that way it´s easier to make decent bets.

We do not recommend anyone playing with money they are not comfortable with and can afford.